june2016_v2I was bitten by the travel bug while exploring Europe in a summer abroad way back in 2007 and I’ve been scratching the itch ever since. I use every opportunity to travel and immerse myself in a new culture. When traveling I enjoy learning about the local foods and drinks and consuming as much as my pants will allow. I’m a Renaissance Soul with ever-changing interests but some of my favorite things include archaeology and ancient civilizations, food, tattoos, music and art.

Recently, I suddenly found myself asking; “Why haven’t I been writing?” I’ve been writing since I was a kid, even spending two weeks at a science fiction writers camp as a teen. I studied Creative Writing at Western Michigan University and wrote a food column for the Western Herald Newspaper. I developed an interest in photography after my mom gave me a film camera in my early teens. Over the last few years I have fielded countless questions from my friends about the ways I travel. I want to share the tricks and tips that I’ve learned through trial and error and many, many hours scouring the internet. When the need for a creative outlet struck me recently, I decided that I could easily combine all of these passions and help others planning their own travels around the world.

I developed a passion for good food while studying to become a chef in High School, and continued to hone the craft over years in different food related positions. I enjoy translating the foods and recipes I experience while traveling, into my life at home. When I travel, I always incorporate local food tours, events, cooking classes, market hunts, and any other amazing eating experiences I can find. Whether its eating chicken feet from a grill on a sidewalk in Vietnam to a five-course meal at a fine restaurant in Cambodia or a local mama made breakfast in Cuba I want to eat it!

When not traveling, I live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my evil cat, Zillah. I work for an industrial technology company as a digital marketing manager to pay for all my travels. I enjoy hiking, drinking craft beer, and supporting my community through art and social causes. I don’t always travel internationally, and I will be spending more time over the coming years exploring the Southeastern region of The United States. Please, join me while I explore the world, one bite, and one street at a time.